Top Ten Scottish Football Mascots


1- Harry The Hoopo (Queen’s Park FC)

Trying to rouse a crowd of 500 or so in a 52,000-seater stadium is a challenge indeed, but Harry does his best. He was introduced during the reign of the mighty Billy Stark after Queen’s had gained promotion to the then, Scottish Second Division. Despite the fact he’s a hippo and large in stature, he somehow managed to defeat, Broxi Bear, Clyde The Thistle (The Commonwealth Games Mascot) and some guy in an Irn Bru Can to win the inaugural running of the Hampden Mascot Race, broadcast worldwide on Eurosport. He’s even appeared in a Christmas music video (The Turkey Twerky) so clearly has a sense of humour. Something you would need to be a Queens Park supporter, we would guess? Sadly, Harry’s head went missing a while back and was never recovered.

2-Hoopy the Huddle Hound (Celtic FC)

Is a friendly dog with a mischievous side to him. There are over 7,000 members in the Hoopy Fan Club which makes him one of mist popular in the world. He was in the doghouse in 2000 when it was alleged that his ‘keeper’ had been involved in an incident at the Club where one or two items went missing. He was stripped of the suit and Hoopy is now 100% going straight.

3- Broxi Bear (Rangers FC)

Takes his first name from a (slight) anagram of Ranger’s home ground, Ibrox Stadium and his second name from the word ‘Bear’, meaning, ‘Bear’. If Rangers’ merchandising is correct, Broxi also has a wife Roxi and son, Boris. He also won the Disney Channel’s Mascot Gold Cup in 2002, though recent form suggests age may be creeping up on him.

4- Monty the Mole (Montrose)

A friendly chap who’s not short of the high-fives and ‘down below-too slows’ . Monty the Mole is an anagram of ‘Montrose’ and as long as you don’t think any more about that comment and try to work it out for yourself, everything will be fine.

5- Bluebell the Coo (Cowdenbeath)

Won the Musselburgh Mascot Race in 2012 in sensational style after a promising placed effort the year before. She also has her own Twitter account @bluebellcfc , though how she managed to press the keys with a hoof is questionable.

6- Angus The Bull- (Aberdeen FC)

Angus regularly keeps himself busy and even has his own range of merchandise. Going golfing? How about an Angus the Bull head cover? There will be a ‘charge’ for it. Bull? Charge? Moving on…

7- Roary the Lion (Scottish National Team)

The official mascot of the Scottish National Team, Roary is often seen leading the players out and causing good clean fun, in the ‘mane’. When asked if he was looking forward to the World Cup, he was rumoured to have replied “What’s the World Cup?”

8- Nutz The Squirrel (Kilmarnock FC)

One of our favourite mascots, who keeps himself busy on and off the pitch and was recently fundraising for the local hospice, where he sportingly teamed up with his Ayr Rival. He was once played by a janitor, which would guarantee good clean fun. ‘Acorny’ joke, I know.

9- Super Saint (St Johnstone)

Despite his super-hero sounding name, I wouldn’t want to bet too heavily on this one in a mascot race. And he’s no spring chicken, having been in the job for over twenty years. On the plus side, he does have his own comic strip, thanks to a couple of fans who just happened to work for DC comics.

10- Paisley Panda (St Mirren)

Achieved notoriety when upsetting Greenock Morton fans by spraying a giant air freshener in their general direction, implying that there was a nasty whiff in the air. He then followed up by brandishing a scrubbing brush and soap. In retaliation, the Morton Mascot (they have one), was later seen kicking around a toy panda before stringing it up with a Morton scarf. All good clean fun…