Top Ten Football Shocks


Some of the greatest football shocks of all time.

Football shocks happen from time to time. But some are bigger than others.

1-  Denmark win 1992 European Championship

I doubt many saw that one coming. Not least as they were a team who didn’t even qualify. They made the tournament after replacing war-torn Yugoslavia only 10 days before the tournament began. They beat Germany, 1990 World Cup Winners, in the final.

2- Liverpool win 2005 Champions League

The pundits gave Liverpool a fair chance before the match. By half-time, though, they’d written them off. Bookmakers offered 100-1. Despite this, they came back to draw level and won on penalties.

3- North Korea beat Italy at 1966 World Cup

If Liverpool were 100-1, North Korea were 1000-1 to beat Italian in 1966. They did so, thanks to a strike by Pak Doo-lk. It was no fluke either as they made it to the quarter finals. The Italians sacked their coach shortly after.

4- Germany beat Hungary in 1954 World Cup Final

Pre 1954, Hungary- not Germany- were the dominant force in football. The tide turned here as not only did Hungary lose to Germany, but they ended their reign as one of the world’s greatest football teams. The Hungarian nation were highly expectant, and upon returning home as losers, the team were shunned and persecuted.

5- Nottingham Forest win the 1978 English Title

Notts Forest were surprise promotions to the league in the previous year so to go on and win the top tier the following season was an incredible achievement. Not least as their main rivals, Liverpool were European champions!

6- USA beat England at 1950 World Cup

They were new to soccer but they taught England a lesson about complacency. It was one of the biggest shocks in sporting history and it just goes to show how you should never write off the underdogs.

7- Senegal beat France at the 2002 World Cup

World Cup champions France had an easy task here to get past Senegal- a team making its debut in the tournament. Senegal weren’t fazed in the slightest and took their chance to seal sporting history.

8- Uruguay defeat Brazil to win the 1950 World Cup

This easily qualifies to be one of the biggest shocks ever: it happened a lifetime ago and yet Brazilians still remember it. Brazilians were completely sure that they would win their first World cup, but Uruguay had other ideas. The shock even has a name, Maracanazo, representing the pain felt at the defeat in the Maracana Stadium.

9- Greece win Euro 2004

They didn’t win it in style, but their defensive solidity sealed a place for Greece in football history. They were not expected to challenge for the title, with pre-tournament odds 150/1. They beat the the Czech Republic, France, and Portugal (twice) on route to the title.

10- Leicester City win the Premier League

Some bet on them at odds of 5000/1. They were proved correct as City showed total dominance throughout the season and landed one of the biggest football shocks ever.