FC Astana v Celtic

FC Astana v Celtic

FC Astana v Celtic – 4.30pm kickoff

A 5-0 victory in the first leg goes a long way to helping you on your way to the Champions League Group Stage. Well that’s what Celtic have achieved at half way through their sparring match with Astana.

They were completely dominant at Celtic Park and just need to stop Astana putting 6 past them with no reply to progress in the competition.

I think it’s fair to say, this will be a very different match to the one we witnessed in the first leg. Celtic are likely to be more defensive tonight, though it’s highly possible they could well sneak a goal or two. It should also be added that whilst Celtic looked the better team a couple of the goals were helped in by Astana. They won’t be wanting to make similar mistakes tonight.

Astana won’t be hanging about though and it would be no surprise to see them the victors tonight. They are more than capable on their day and with different tactics tonight, could well just edge the match. Though it’s highly unlikely, they’ll get the goal tally they need to go through to the group stages.

F88 prediction: FC Astana to win.